The AAG Lifelong Deposit

Start your travel plans today! We've got you covered

APPLY NOW! Your program deposit is good for life!

We know the feeling…We are living in uncertain times, and we understand there’s hesitance to commit.

–Travel plans can change or could get delayed, but you still want to make arrangements to travel and experience the world soon – WE HEAR YOU!.


AAG has designed an innovative and flexible option for you, so you can keep dreaming and moving forward with your travel plans without the worry of knowing what will happen with the money you invested in applying for a program if something alters the process.


Was designed to ensure that if there’s ever a need to modify, cancel, or delay your program, you’ll be able to do so without losing your membership fee or paying any extra costs.

We will use the same inscription fee to find another program option or just find a better time for you to live your next life-changing experience.

Your Everlasting Deposit is as elastic as it can get; it can be used on any AAG program regardless of the destination – and it is transferable! Yes! that means you can transfer your initial program deposit to a friend if you choose to cancel your plan.

So, apply now – worry not! We got you covered!


– AAG Lifelong Deposits are not a portion of the program fee. It is not refundable in cash – If it needs to be transferred to another currency, we will use Google Currency Converter (Data provided by Morningstar).