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Can I extend my program again?

Please reach out to us at regarding your Program End Date. At this point in time, extensions offered by the Department of State were one time extensions, unless they decide to offer additional extensions due to extenuating circumstances.

If you are an Intern or Trainee with time missed on your program, please see “May I have a program date extension to make up for time missed training during covid-19?

If I return home can I come back to continue with my program?

We hope so. The Department just announced an opportunity to extend dates for Intern and Trainee programs to make up for time missed during covid-19. We must first confirm with our host companies that they are re-opening and would like to continue offering training and internship programs. We can walk you through the steps at that time once we have confirmed an appropriate and safe date to return to your placement.

Can I change my status to use my tourist visa since my country airports are closed?

If you are experiencing challenges with returning to your home country due to travel restrictions, you may apply for a change of status by completing this process:

File form I-539:

Pay a fee to USCIS ($370 application fee + $85 biometrics fee). You can request a waiver

of this fee from USCIS by filing form I-912:
Both of these forms (I-539 and I-912) will need to be submitted together. If you are requesting a waiver of USCIS fees, you will need to submit paper forms (you cannot submit these forms electronically).

Important: If you decide to apply for a change of status, please make sure to let Alliance Abroad Group know by emailing

If you have a valid tourist visa in your passport (B1/B2), you cannot automatically change from J1 visa to your tourist visa. You will need to depart the United States and re-enter again on your valid tourist visa.

My program was extended, how can I get my new DS2019?

We are sending scanned copies of DS2019 with new end dates via email. If you would like a copy of your DS2019, please write

If I go back home are there any refunds?

Our goal would be to help you return to the U.S. to complete your original program now that the extension opportunity is in place. Any specific questions regarding program fee refunds should be directed to your home country agency to whom you paid the program fees.

If my program finishes earlier do you refund my insurance payments?

Any specific questions regarding program fee refunds should be directed to your home country agency to whom you paid the program fees.

Program by Program update amidst COVID-19 + FAQs

May 27, 2020

Recently the U.S. Department of State announced a continued pause on all federally funded exchange programs due to the State Department Global Level 4 Health Advisory. This announcement does not directly affect our Summer Work and Travel, Intern, Trainee or Teach programs; however, there are still considerable obstacles preventing us from moving towards arrivals in the short term.

U.S. Embassies and Consulates remain closed, further delaying the opportunity for J-1 visa appointments.
Flights into the U.S. remain limited in availability, further delaying arrival timelines.

Summer Work and Travel

We remain prepared to safely welcome Summer Work Travel participants who received visas prior to mid-March to the U.S. this summer and have identified host companies still in need of seasonal staff with the hours and safety protocols in place to support exchange visitors. Until we know when U.S. Embassies and Consulates will re-open non-immigrant visa appointments, we cannot anticipate if participants without visas will be able to travel. We are in close touch with our overseas agencies and have recently provided information on program options for you to review, including deferring your program to 2021.

Intern and Trainee

At this time, Alliance Abroad continues to work closely with our Host Companies who support the Intern and Trainee program to determine when they will be able to resume hospitality training and/or welcome new exchange visitors. Once we have confirmed new program start dates, we will reach out to each placed exchange visitor not yet in the U.S. to determine if the new start date is viable based on U.S. Embassy and Consulate appointment availability and in-country travel restrictions. We have also provided your home country agency with additional options for your program to consider should you wish to defer to 2021 or select a different Alliance Abroad program.


Alliance Abroad is still actively placing Teachers for fall arrivals for the 2020 – 2021 school year.


Our top priority is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our exchange visitors. We continue working closely with host companies and host schools, housing vendors, fellow sponsors, and the Department of State to implement the best practices and recommendations of the CDC and design strong policies and procedures that will protect our exchange visitors.

Our placements will always compliment and never replace American workers/trainees.

Should there be any changes or decisions from the U.S. government we will update our website immediately and contact our overseas partners. Should you wish to speak with an Alliance Abroad team member, please call 1-866-622-7623.


Adam Cooper
President of Alliance Abroad U.S.A.


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