Work & Travel


Length: 6 - 12 months
Cost: AUD$3,000 - AUD$4,200

About This Program

Our Work & Travel program gives you the chance to explore the beauty of Australia for 6 to 12 months. During this time, you will be earning money by working in a guaranteed, temporary job placement that we arrange in advance for you. Most of these positions are in the hospitality industry.

We match your experience and education with the best opportunities available with our host employers. Alliance Abroad works with a network of best-known and reputable employers in Australia. This means you work for industry leaders; brands that are sure to enhance your resume. The positions are guaranteed before your arrival to Australia so you start earning money right away.

What will I be doing?

Most of the positions are within the hospitality industry and include:

  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Bar Staff
  • Barista
  • Cook
  • Customer Service
  • Kitchen Steward
  • Front Office
  • Porter

There are many more opportunities and positions available – we can find something that is a perfect match for your own unique skill set and experience.

For people who are interested in coming, being afraid is fine. But, if you live in fear, you won’t experience life! So come right ahead and enjoy life a bit.

- Delano Jarrett, Participant

What This Program Includes

Guaranteed Job

Job secured before arriving in Australia so you know exactly where you are going and you begin earning right away.

Resume and Interview Preparation

We help you with your resume and interview preparation so you make a great first impression and feel confident and ready for your interview.

Pre-departure Orientation

We work with you in advance to prepare you for your adventure in Australia and provide you with an orientation.

Hostel Accommodations

Complementary hostel accommodation for two nights upon arrival in country. (Extended stays can be arranged at the participant’s expense).

Emergency Support

24/7 emergency support for the duration of the program

Budget Planning

The estimated cost of living in Australia depends on your location and lifestyle. The table below gives a general idea of what to expect. Amounts are given in Australian dollars per month.

Estimated Costs

Urban Location Rural Location
Housing $1000 $800
Leisure Activities $200 $100
Meals $300 $240
Local Transport $120 $80
Insurance $50 $50
Phone and Internet $30 $30

Estimated Costs

Amount (AUD)
Average Hourly Pay $25
Monthly earnings $4,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be on my own while I’m in Australia?

No. We have a dedicated team that provides you with 24/7 support during your program. Our goal is to make sure you have a safe and an amazing international experience in Australia.

Will you check in on me?

Yes. Because your safety is our primary concern, we will check in with you every month while you are in Australia. But we are also here whenever you need us! We provide you with 24/7 support.

How much does the program cost? (INT)

The program costs 1490 € or the equivalent in your local currency. (Prices are subject to changes)

Who will help me find housing?

Your first two nights in a hostel are sorted and if you require assistance to find long-term accommodation during your stay in Australia, our team will point you in the right direction. We recommend that you start your search once you have received your job offer.

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