Work or Travel in USA?

Why not both?

Work, travel, make friends, gain new skills and learn English - up to 4 months!

What is the Work and Travel USA program?

Work and Travel USA is a program for all university students who want to live, work and travel in the United States during their summer vacation. You work for an American employer for the first part of your program, then get time at the end to travel wherever you want to go in the U.S. If you have always wanted to travel across the USA and not drain your wallet at the same time, this program is a great choice! 


The program is typically 3 – 4 months long, between May 25th – October 1st- depending on your university’s official summer break. No worries, you will be back home before the next semester starts!


Get to know American Culture


Gain experience with American Employers


Make international friendships


Improve your English language skills


Sightseeing across the USA


Experience the adventure of a lifetime


What is the main purpose of the program?

The program was created to offer international students a chance to experience American culture through living and working across the United States.  It offers a legal way to work for companies with a high need for summer employees and then allows you to travel during the grace period at the end of your program.  

Work and Travel USA is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to know amazing people and immerse yourself in the compelling American culture. During the program, you have a chance to gain valuable work experience, improve your English, and make friends from around the world.  Just imagine talking, listening, and reading in English all summer! 

The money you earn working during the first months of the program will help fund your travel & adventures before you return home. There is no better travelling opportunity for students.


Who organizes the program?

The program is managed and regulated by the U.S. Department of State.  The State Department authorizes private companies and organizations to serve as sponsors of the program.  Sponsors oversee the enrollment and screening of candidates, issue the required visa paperwork, provide required medical insurance, help and support students while they are here in the U.S. with 24 hour emergency lines, and ensure all students follow the rules of the program.  

Alliance Abroad is one of the authorized J-1 sponsors.

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Is Work and Travel USA something for me to consider?

  • Are you a full-time university student?
  • Are you at least 18?
  • Do you want to gain valuable work experience at an American company?
  • Are you ambitious and a self-starter? 

If you answer yes to these questions, Work and Travel USA is for you!

How to participate in the program? A trip to the USA in a few steps:


Apply to the program

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Pay the initial application fee (the second payment is made only after an approval by the employer)


Complete the application and attach the required documents


Select the job offer you are interested in from the list of available ones


Prepare your CV in English and video self-presentation


Send recruitment applications to the selected employer and wait for the answer


Sign the Job Offer issued after approval by the employer


Apply for a visa within the prescribed period. We will assist you in completing the documents and applications at the consulate


After receiving the visa, book your flight ticket


Take part in the online pre-departure training

The program cost is 1750 USD

What is included in the price?

  • 250 USD – application fee (must be paid right after submitting application).
  • 1500 USD – participation fee (must be paid once you are employed). 

Get to know the opinions of Work and Travel participants



"After a few days it turned out that English is not that bad and the work is very pleasant. My colleagues from work answered every single one of my questions and helped me as much as possible. I also had direct contact with clients, thanks to which speaking English became something natural after about 3-4 weeks.”



“Thanks to the support of Alliance Abroad, I made my dream come true and went to the United States. I've always wanted to do it, but I was never able to organize my financial resources and the entire trip well. Alliance Abroad has helped me with practically everything from applying for a visa to choosing the perfect employer and accommodation. And all of this at an affordable price. I recommend it to everyone! America is amazing. This energy, these people and so many possibilities… It's an amazing experience!”



“I can recommend the trip from Alliance Abroad to the USA to everyone, especially to the students who are afraid that it may be a considerable expense. Why? This program is really paying off - it took me about 2.5 months of work, and in the next few weeks I’ve raised money to travel for almost a month! I have visited many interesting places, such as Hawaii and Florida, where I made fantastic friends. I was also in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco... I recommend it to everyone.”

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