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Expand Your Culinary Horizons: Recruit Talented International Chefs with Alliance Abroad Australia!

Our expertise lies in matching highly skilled and passionate international chefs with top-tier Australian hospitality employers.

We manage the recruitment process on your behalf, from marketing campaigns to screening candidates, hosting Chef Assessment fairs in Dubai, and handling the entire visa process.  

Let us help you to build your culinary dream team!

The Benefits

Why work with Alliance Abroad Australia?

The Australian team specialises in connecting Australian employers with top-tier culinary talent worldwide. Leveraging an extensive network and hospitality industry acumen, we ensure a seamless hiring process including marketing, vetting, assessment fairs, document collection and more, simplifying your hiring process and effectively addressing your recruitment challenges.

Why enhance your existing team with international talent?

At a time when the industry is still facing a skills shortage, Australia's vibrant culinary scene, fuelled by a growing appreciation for global gastronomy, demands innovative and authentic dining experiences. As ambassadors of global cuisine, international chefs infuse unique perspectives and expertise, supporting Australia’s footprint on the world stage.

What sets us apart from traditional recruitment agencies?

At Alliance Abroad, we understand that transitioning to a new country and job can be both exciting and daunting for chefs. That’s why we provide comprehensive pastoral care to every chef, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition to Australia and their new role.

From the moment they arrive, our dedicated team offers personalised support and guidance, assisting with accommodation arrangements, navigating cultural differences, and providing access to essential services. We also conduct regular check-ins to address any concerns or challenges they may encounter, ensuring they feel supported and empowered to succeed in their new environment.

With Alliance Abroad, chefs can embark on their Australian culinary journey with confidence, knowing that we’re here every step of the way to support their success and well-being and you as their employer can have peace of mind your new hires are in good hands.

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Skilled Professional - 3 Years

Under the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (subclass 482) Australian employers can recruit experienced international chefs for periods of up to 3-4 years.  These chefs hold a degree from an approved institution, have a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience, and demonstrate high levels of English.  

Typical positions include: Head Chef, Sous Chef, Junior Sous Chef, and Chef de Partie.

Trainee Program (Commis Chefs) - 12 to 24 Months

This program is designed for young professionals who wish to live and receive further professional training in Australia under the 407 Visa scheme. Trainees hold a degree from an approved institution, have a minimum of one year of relevant work experience, and demonstrate high levels of English. Employers provide trainees with on-the-job professional development, enhancing their skills and future job prospects.

Typical positions include:  Commis Chefs, F&B Managers

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