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Whether you’re an individual who has secured an internship or traineeship with a U.S. company, an employer eager to add international flair to your team, an emigration lawyer guiding clients through the visa processes, a university aiming to place students in the U.S., or an agency facilitating such opportunities, we’re here to help streamline the J-1 Visa process. 
Bienvenido al programa TN para profesionales mexicanos y canadienses, donde puedes pasar de 1 a 4 años siendo supervisor, gerente o director en renombrados hoteles y resorts a lo largo de los Estados Unidos.
Are you an aspiring culinary or hospitality professional with 1-2 years of recent full-time experience? Let Australia be your next adventure!
Are you hungry to boost your culinary skills in a global food hotspot? Rub shoulders with pro chefs and master European culinary tricks?
Extend your H-2B visa – stay in the USA and get a great new seasonal job.
The H-2B visa program enables foreign workers from eligible countries to come to the USA for seasonal jobs.
Ever thought about turning your summer vacation into an unforgettable adventure? Pack your bags and head to the United States with this exciting program!
Summer camp is a cherished U.S. tradition! Each year, thousands of children and teenagers head to summer camps across the country to experience cabin life, campfires, hikes, sports, arts and crafts…
Kickstart your career in the culinary and hospitality world with the J1 Intern program in the U.S.! This is your ticket to training with some of the world’s most exciting and renowned hospitality brands.
Welcome to the J1 Trainee program, where you can spend a transformative 6-12 months enriching your skills in some of the USA’s eminent hotel and travel brands.
Australia is seeking skilled culinary professionals to work in world-class resorts, restaurants, bars, and hotels.
Are you an experienced teacher eager for a fresh teaching experience? Dive into our Teacher Exchange Program, where your expertise meets the curiosity of young American minds.

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