We help you fill positions with amazing international talent.

We offer multiple options to employers in the USA, Australia, Dubai & Spain looking to add international talent to their teams. Whether you need seasonal staff, teachers, or skilled professionals, we’ve got you covered.

Through our extensive experience creating & managing global recruitment strategies for over 30 years, we have matched 13,000+ candidates with 500+ employers annually. 

Partner with us for a world of talent!

What we offer

Seasonal staff

Our seasonal programs are a fantastic solution for your busiest seasons.  If you have times of the year that require extra staff, let’s talk!  Popular positions include but are not limited to retail, server, kitchen staff, lifeguard, amusement park worker, room attendant, host/ess, and busser.

Applies to: USA, Australia, Dubai and Spain.

Skilled Employees

Career-focused professionals are seeking international opportunities to develop their skills, enhance their resumes, and learn about new business practices and cultures. Alliance Abroad works with you to identify ideal profiles to meet your company’s needs. All candidates are prescreened according to the visa program requirements and your position(s) description(s). You interview and hire; we take care of the rest!

Applies to: USA, Australia, Dubai and Spain.


Communities and school districts across the U.S. have seen tremendous value in employing international teachers at local schools.  Qualified, talented teachers from abroad seek the opportunity to gain American teaching experience while also sharing their culture with U.S. classrooms.  It’s a win-win! From special education to language instruction to general education, our teachers have much to offer your school(s).

Applies to: USA.

Camp Counselors

Alliance Abroad partners with U.S. camps across the country in need of caring, talented counselors for a variety of positions at summer camps.  Whether you have a specific skill needed or are looking for general counselors, adding international staff to your camp only adds to the summer of memories you’re creating for your campers and staff.

Applies to: USA.

Employer Process

Employer Process

Intake Form on Potential Opportunities

To get started, please provide very basic information on programs you are interested in and/or the positions you think might be a good fit for one of our programs.

Review with Alliance
Abroad Account

A dedicated member of our host employer team will review the information and schedule a call with you to discuss the best options to meet your needs and answer any specific questions you have.

Alliance Abroad
Markets Positions

We will collect key details on your company, benefits, wages, etc. that can be used to promote the positions to eligible candidates. We will also collect required information needed per the program regulations.

Interviews and Offer Letters

Participate in in-person or virtual interviews organized by Alliance Abroad to screen and hire eligible candidates.  Offer letters are sent through our system to the candidates you approve.

Preparation for Arrival

Alliance Abroad’s system will ensure you have up-to-date information on participants’ visa status and arrival information so you can organize a smooth on-boarding of each team member.

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