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Linking extraordinary individuals and forward-looking employers globally, fostering relationships that truly enrich lives.

Alliance Abroad is a U.S. Department of State Visa Sponsor. Celebrating over 30 years, we’re still channeling a start-up spirit. Our purpose? To allow humanity to nurture real changes through the connections we create.

"We see a world where people come together to end differences and discover similarities by working together to make incredible things."
Victoria Lynden, CEO Alliance Abroad Group


Our Locations

  • 2021 E 5th Street, Suite #100 Austin, Texas, 78702
  • United States
  • Toll-free: +1-866-622-7623
  • Galway Technology Centre
  • Monivea Road
  • Galway, H91 YW30, Ireland
  • G24, B13,
  • Dubai Knowledge Park
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Shop 1/7 The Concourse
  • Benowa, Queensland 4217, Australia

Our People

Adam Cooper

President, Alliance Abroad

James Bell

CEO, Alliance Strategies

Vanessa Noel

EVP of Strategic Development, Alliance Abroad

Jennifer Breckon

Director Managing Director

Jen Woodbridge

Regional Director Australia and Middle East

Natalia de Isidoro

Regional Director - Spain

Crystal Bunts

Director of Career Development, Alliance Abroad

Zhanna Saparova

VP Support & Host Employer Relations, Alliance Abroad

Anna Downes

Global Marketing Director

Julian de los Rios

Director of Global Development

Lindsay Bongi

Director, Intern and Trainee Programs

Rebecca Anderson

Director of Teach

Carmen Cooper

Camp Program Manager, Alliance Abroad

Keith Hale

Finance | Global Leadership Team

Sandra Heidt Worjloh

Director of Strategic Development

Maurisha Buys

HR Manager

Arlene Pillay

International Partner Development Compliance Manager

Aureol Lara KI

HC Team Lead

Autumn King

Employer Relations Manager

Bianca Von Wielligh

Support Program Administrator

Bianca Watson

Support Team Lead

Chre Davis

Suppor tAssociate

Darryn Patel

Program Administrator

Dean Creamer

Host Company Account Manager

Jen Helsper

Regional Account Manager

Werner Swart

Hub Manager

Tracey-Lee Creamer

HUB Finance Team Lead

Thabile Majodina


Sunny Krause

Regional Account Manager

Stephanie Wall

Compliance Specialist

Shaun Diedericks

Program Administrator Support

Natalie Schwartz

Support Outreach Coordinator

Martha Drinan

Regional Account Manager, Host Company Relations

Marcia Murillo

HUBZA Finance Associate

Laura O’Rourke

Social Media Specialist

Jamielah Salie

HUBZA Finance Associate

Gabriella Ross

Content Marketer

Agata Kurcin

Marketing Project Manager

Autyllia Irwin

Teach Team Administrator

Bianca Haviland

Business Development Manager, Alliance Abroad Australia

Chinelle Biggs

Program Administrator

Yandiswa Mene

Program Administrator (Intern Trainee)

Iviwe Tshiki

Program Administrator

Jess Anderson

Hub Teach Team Lead

Jorina Kansley

Program Administrator Teach Team

Kirk Ruiters

Program Administrator

Leigh Hendricks

Host company team

Michaela Reynolds

Teach Team Lead

Nashdene Salie

Host Company Team

Rachall Pattison-Bacon

Program Administrator

Raihaana Fernandez

Sales Team Lead

Robyn Dean

Support Team

Shimmy Miller

Program Administrator in Direct Sales

Tauhirah Salie

Support Team

Zama Nkabinde

Recruitment & Events Coordinator

Zinziswa Tyhulu

Program Administrator (SWT)

Candice Rayners

Program Administrator - HUB

Trevor Phipps

Overseas Partner Account Manager

Andrea Walberg

Teach Program Associate

Adriana Leonel Lozada

Direct Sales Associate

Madalyn Atlas Smith

Support Associate

Ines Da Costa Pereira Olivei


Kate Aguilar Canul

Director of Sales & Business Development

Sagar Arora

Content Creator

Matthew Cavaliere

Finance Controller

Elizabeth Valdés Rentería

Direct Recruiter Associate

Thania De Cayon

Document Collection Lead

Kevin E. Villanueva Ram

Direct Sales Associate

Vanessa Quintal Novel

Direct Sales Associate

Nimisha Rajput

Recruitment and Events Administrator

Nikita Adonis

Program Administrator

Pablo Fraile

Office Manager

Diana Cano

Sales Manager

Ashleigh Osborne

Program Administrator

Beemer Bellows

Senior Recruitment Manager

Tarnrarin Chansawang

Executive Assistant

Kevin Ramirez

Executive Assistant

Chaya Barrett

Support Associate

Kelly Santiago

Compliance Specialist

Tommy McDonagh


Roy McCullagh

Business Development Manager

Courtney Cupido

Program Account and Support Specialist

Marie Chenault

Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Natasha Temmers

Program Administrator

Daniela Vincent

Regional Account Manager

Alma Murillo

Accountant - HUB Mexico

Tyler Chonzena

‪Partner Account Manager | SWT

Mariana Huitron

Overseas Partner Account Manager (IT)

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