Living abroad changed my life for good!

Vanessa Quintal Alliance Abroad Mexico

Hola, my name is Vanessa Quintal, and I am from Mexico.

I recently joined the Alliance Abroad Mexico team, and I love working everyday with those who are thinking of living and working abroad, often for the first time.

The UK always fascinated and enchanted me when I was a young girl. I dreamed of going to live and study there because it is so full of life, fun, and multicultural, with beautiful scenery, historical places, and some of the best museums and art galleries in the world. However, traveling abroad alone for the first time can be equally exciting and daunting. It can take time to adjust to life in a different culture, and you’ll have many questions about your new life and how you will begin to get around.

When I arrived in the UK, I couldn’t believe it – the first thing I said to myself was, “You did it, Vane!”.

Not only was I making my dreams come true, but I knew it was also an investment for my future career and personal life by helping to improve my English skills. As companies are becoming more global, good English skills are increasingly valuable, and so having this second language opened new opportunities for me.

While abroad, I made new friends from so many different countries and experienced the diversity of their cultures. I began to see life from new perspectives and in a more global and multicultural way. Living abroad changes your life for good. You will never forget this time, and it will help you grow as a person in ways you could never imagine.

Despite the excitement of moving to a new country, you may also feel nervous because you are leaving your country, family, and friends behind. Even so, my advice would be this: always have a plan, be very well organized, don’t be scared to ask, be confident, trust in yourself and learn every day to be patient because it WILL get better & that’s how it worked out for me!


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