5 Long-term Benefits of Working Abroad on an Internship or Trainee Program


In today’s job market, international work experience can be a game-changer for your career. Here are five long-term benefits of working abroad:

  1. Networking and Competitive Advantage

Employers value candidates with international experience, and the connections you make working abroad can help you in future career moves, finding great mentors, or long-term opportunities. 

Working abroad helps you build a global professional network. Meeting colleagues, supervisors, and managers from diverse backgrounds can lead to new job opportunities or future collaborations. Through Alliance Abroad’s various programs, you’ll have the chance to gain experience with some of the biggest hospitality brands in the United States, Spain, Australia, and soon, Dubai! 


  1. Improved Communication Skills

Great communication skills are a huge asset to every team.  

There is no doubt that living and working in a foreign country improves your communication skills. Working abroad, especially in a second language, makes you even better at communicating by exposing you to new cultures and ways of speaking.  

Good communication skills are super important in today’s job market because they help you work well with others and solve problems. Employers prize these skills because they show you can handle diverse work environments, and this can make you a more attractive candidate in today’s job market!  

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  1. Intercultural Development and Adaptability

Being adaptable and open-minded boosts your confidence in different work settings and leadership roles.  

Immersing yourself in a different culture helps you appreciate diverse perspectives, an essential skill in today’s global economy. International internships, for example, teach resilience and flexibility, which are again essential in any fast-changing business environment. 

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I like many things in America, such as warm people, delicious food, beautiful scenery, rich activities, etc. […] You should always believe that people must jump out of their comfort zone to see a broader landscape and broaden their horizons. Through this program, you can learn a lot, such as how to get along with people, how to adapt to work, and so on!  

– Jianliang Zhang, from China. Work and Travel Participant, 2023. 


  1. Language Proficiency

Working abroad will improve your language skills.  

Communicating in multiple languages opens doors to international markets and expands your professional network. Improving your English is a big plus for international job opportunities, especially in the hospitality and culinary industries. It helps you communicate better with guests and colleagues from all over the world. 


  1. Personal and Professional Growth

Living abroad challenges you to be more independent, resourceful, and confident.  

It helps you clarify your professional goals by exposing you to different ways of working and thinking. Facing and overcoming challenges abroad builds character and a proactive mindset, which are valuable in any professional setting.  

Plus, experiencing different work cultures will always inspire innovation and creativity, giving you unique problem-solving approaches for your career. 

Prepare for success!  


Working abroad can significantly boost your career and prepare you for success in a connected world.  

Pushing yourself to step out of your comfort zone will improve your professional skills and help you grow personally, making you a more dynamic and competitive candidate in the global job market. 

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