Teacher Exchange Fees

Teacher Exchange
Full Placement
First Time Program Fee
$4,700AAG provides your teach placement
Teacher Exchange
Self Placement
First Time Program Fee
You secure your own teach placement

Teacher Exchange with
Overseas Agency
First Time Program Fee
Program Fee if you decide to apply through a local agency. Costs vary by partner and depend on what items the teacher includes in partner services*

Foreign Credential
$200 – $400
Amount depends on number of transcripts evaluated and service provider chosen by teacher.

Paid to the Department of Homeland Security

Visa Appointment Fee$185
Paid to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your Home Country

International Flights
$800 – $2,000

Varies greatly depending on port of departure and entry

Initial Expense Fund

Please bring funds to cover your first month(s) of expenses prior to receiving a paycheck. This amount does not include housing costs.

We’ve summarized and grouped the amounts below for you to be fully informed, but please be aware that these are based on averages and might be subject to change due to several variables.

*Teachers are not required to enroll through a third-party agency to participate. For a list of our current overseas partner agencies, please click here.

Annual Renewal Fee$1,000Paid to Alliance Abroad in the spring of each year for the following school year.
Transfer Fee$500Due if approved to change host school placements after arrival
Extension Fee for 4th, 5th year$367Paid directly to the U.S. Department of State
J-2 Dependent Fee$500Per dependent. Must be spouse or child under 21 years of age.
Initial Insurance for J-2 Dependent$270Dependent insurance for the first 90 days J-2 is in country. Dependent will need to be added to teacher’s insurance policy following the initial 90 days.

State Certification/LicensureEstimated range of $70 – $170Amount depends on the state; please check your state’s Department of Education website
State Licensure ExamsEstimated range of $60-$250Costs of state licensure exams vary greatly depending on state and subject matter and may not be required in all states
Criminal Background Check$60 – $160Varies by location

School InsuranceMay opt-in per school policyWe encourage teachers to enroll in school plans, which are more comprehensive than emergency coverage. Cost varies greatly depending on which school plan you choose and whether you have family joining you. Teachers should budget a minimum of $150-$300/month for school’s insurance policy.
Optional Insurance
(If necessary)
$29.90-$49.90/monthTeachers may opt to pay monthly for AAG recommended plan that meets program regulations.
Federal and State Income TaxAverage of 10 – 15% of gross payNot all states have a state income tax.
We recommend checking here:
Paycheck Calculator
FICA, FUTAAverage 8% of SalaryTeachers on the J-1 visa program are typically subject to FICA and FUCA taxes after the first two tax calendar years in the US. In most cases, these payments will begin January 1 of your second year on program. Please note that a teacher will need to begin paying these taxes right away if the teacher was in the US previously on an F, J, M, or Q visa.
Retirement Benefits
0-8.25%Your host school may allow or require participation in their investment program for retirement. Please check your job offer and speak with your school principal during the interview about these details.
Union Fees (if applicable)Average annual cost of $400Your offer letter will include whether or not union membership and thus dues are required as well as confirm the cost.

Rent$800 – $2,500
per month
Factors include city, house or apartment, # of bedrooms, # of people sharing accommodation
Transportation$250 – $500Factors include bus or car transportation, gas, car payment
Food & Groceries$750 – $1,000Based on grocery budget
(Age 0 – 5)
Avg. $700
per month
Full-time daycare can be very expensive. It can vary greatly depending on location,https://www.epi.org/child-care-costs-in-the-united-states/#/TX
After school care
(Age 5 – 12)
Avg. $174 – $261
per week
Some schools offer after care for students at school until 6 pm. According to Care.com’s 2022 Cost of Care Survey, parents paid part-time, after-school sitters an average of $261 per week for one child. After-school sitters made an average of $17.40 per hour.
UtilitiesAvg. of $400
per month for house
May be less if in an apartment. Includes electricity, air-conditioning, trash, water, etc.
Please note that some cities require cash deposits for utilities in the absence of a credit file.
Cable and/or InternetAvg. of $70 – $100
per month
Depends on the plan you select.
PhoneAvg. of $60 – $100
per month
There are many plan options to suit your needs and budget.
EntertainmentAvg. of $200
per month
Depends on what you like to do in your free time- sports tickets, events, movies, etc.

Alliance Abroad has an agreement in place with these overseas partners.Please reach out to them to inquire about their services. Please note that all our partners may have different inclusions and optional extra services. It is very important that the pricing of all the fees is transparent. Please never accept a placement without a full written disclosure of a breakdown of fees; mandatory fees, required fees and optional fees.

BrazilWorld Study Brazil
ColombiaFlipp Ciudadanos del Mundo SAS
ColombiaMinga House Foundation
ColombiaStudent Travel Center
Dominican RepublicOFIT
IndiaAcclaim Global Education India, PVT LTD
JamaicaJobseekers International Placement Agency
NigeriaGreenview Consulting
PhilippinesForeign Cultural Exchange Consultants, Inc (FCEC)
South AfricaOVC

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