Why Should I Work Abroad in Australia?

So you’ve been thinking about a work abroad program and you keep hearing about Australia.  It’s so cool.  It’s so big.  Awesome beaches.  Awesome people.  Non-stop party.  Culture.  Driving on the wrong side of the road.  Aboriginal art.  Sure, all of these things are true, but there are a couple of other really solid reasons to put Australia at the top of your travel list.

Familiar with a twist.

It’s the same, but different.  For those two reasons alone you should experience a work and travel program in Australia.  It’s an intriguing mix of British and American cultures.  Australians are British in their love of football (read: soccer) and love for pubs.  It’s American in its surf culture and size – it’s a huge country, the 6th largest in the world, known for its beautiful beaches and deserts, its painted mountains and lush forests.

They speak English.

English is the main language and the Australian accent is distinct (and hard to imitate, don’t even try).  If you are a native English speaker, you’ll mostly find your way around without a translator app, but watch out for the slang.  It goes way beyond “cheers” or “mate” – that’s introductory level stuff.  “Arvo mate, you left your thongs at the beach and some shark biscuits flogged them,” is only something you will hear in the afternoon, if you’ve left your flip-flops behind, and if some kids stole them.  It’s also something you will only hear from an Australian.

Food trends.

But that’s not even it – the food is insane.  For sure Australia has the basic American style food, you can order a hamburger with fries (but you have to call the fries “chips”), and they do have places that serve kangaroo and crocodile, but Australia is very close to Asia and has a large Asian population.  The food scene in Oz is an explosion of flavors from Europe and Asia and North America.  The food culture is the best of everything the world has to offer, combined into something familiar yet different.


Oh and if you want to go to spend some time in their famous sunshine, grab your sunnies and go in the winter because the seasons are opposite – during the winter they dress their shark biscuits in swimmers and head off to the beach to enjoy sangers and a barbie.

Contact us and we can get you sorted.  Fair dinkum (translation: yeah, honestly).

Author: Theo Kitchen