Hospitality and Culinary Internships


Length: 6+6 Months
Cost: $1,690*


About This Program

This option offers a 6-month hands-on professional experience opportunity framed as a non-work-related internship. Current students or recent graduates get trained in a Hospitality or Culinary arts position as part of a progressive experiential education process. This program option would require an administrative procedure with the “Oficina de Extranjeria” to obtain a Residence Permit and request a Student Visa in the local consulate. Placements are available year-round.

*The program can be extended while in country, to up to six additional months for a total of 12. Interns need to apply for a residency permit extension at an extra cost.

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What will I be doing?

We work with Top-level employers across Spain and help you find internship positions with various types of hospitality companies:

  • Renowned and Exclusive Hotels
  • Top Level Restaurants (Some Michelin Awarded)
  • Luxury Resorts
  • Exclusive Boutique Hotels

Improve your culinary skills in Spain – One of the world’s leading food destinations. Learn alongside seasoned professional chefs and discover the latest techniques and trends in European cooking. There are hundreds of opportunities and positions available with many different types of qualified businesses – no experience is necessary; we can find something that is a perfect match for you!

"This has been the best 6 months of my life! I worked at a really good restaurant in Madrid and learned so much. Nowadays, Spain is the number one country in gastronomy and I learned and enjoyed a lot this experience. Also, I was able to travel to Barcelona, Mallorca, and Ibiza."

- Juan Rodríguez (México)


What This Program Includes

Guaranteed Placement

Position secured before arriving so that you know exactly where you are going and begin earning right away.

Monthly Stipend

Receive from 300 to 500 Euros.

Free Housing

Housing is provided by Host Employer free of charge during the whole duration of your program. It is a shared apartment fully furnished.

Meals Included

Meals are provided by Host Employer. Minimum of two meals per working day.

International Requirements Guidance

The legal process to file and obtain the residency permit is included in the program. AAG will then provide guidance and paperwork necessary for your visa processing at your local consulate as well as for the travel requirements and immigration processes in Spain.

Health Insurance

We secure full health coverage for you for the entire duration of your program while in Spain.
No limits – Zero co-copy – Repatriation – Liability. Everything to comply with government requirements for your stay.

Emergency Support

24/7 emergency support from our support teams based in Spain

It’s true, Spain knows hospitality as its best! Our Hospitality & Culinary Internship Program in Spain provides you with everything you need to make your stay rewarding. This program will offer you a unique opportunity to expand your future career opportunities and a chance to enjoy the rich diversity of modern Spanish culture.

Spain is spectacular! Come experience its thriving economy and rich cultural heritage that is both modern and historic, offering a lifestyle that is distinctly Spanish. While you are here, plan to travel around Spain’s many cosmopolitan cities, small and magic timeless towns, or its Mediterranean beaches, and enjoy its world-renowned cuisine in every corner – there are millions of ways to experience the beauty of this warm, friendly country.



Our Spain internship program provides you with everything you need to ensure your stay is rewarding.
Please note that you must be pursuing academic studies that are related to the field of your internship.

  • Must be 18-35 years old at the start of the program
  • Must be a current university student or recent graduate (No more than 12 months by the program start date).
  • Must demonstrate an intermediate level of Spanish (English is a Plus)
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How does it work?

The process to get you to Spain would take approximately 17 weeks. You are encouraged to start your process with enough time.



Complete application to confirm eligibility

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AGG will find an employer that fits your profile and expectations, Program Deposit required

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AAG confirms you'r hired! Then we proceed to document and Program Fee Balance collection.

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AAG will Organize your residency permit and all paperwork to request your visa.

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Get your bags ready and travel to Spain!

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