Program Regulations

Online Orientation- Required

As a designated J-1 Visa Sponsor, it is our responsibility to provide program orientation to all program participants. This mandatory orientation is designed to familiarize you with information on program regulations, important laws and safety tips, customs and other useful information.

This information is intended to help you make the most of your time in the United States.

Your health, safety, and well-being is our number one priority. You will receive an email from AAG every month with a request to complete your Monthly Check In. Log in to the Participant Portal and answer very simple questions about how your program is going to complete this request. We want to make sure you are having a positive experience or help address concerns or questions you may have.

Monthly Check-In is mandatory for every month that you are participating in the program. Failure to complete this important monthly check-in may result in an early end to your program. If you have not received an email reminder from AAG about your monthly check in, please contact our Support Team at:


All Intern and Trainee program participants must complete program evaluations. The evaluations must be completed by both the Training supervisor and program participant; an electronic signature is required to verify that the evaluation is complete.  Your final program evaluation must be completed before the program end date.

  • Programs of 6 months or less – One Final Evaluation is required
  • Programs exceeding 6 months long – Midpoint and Final Evaluations are required.

Please make sure you complete your Midpoint and Final Program Evaluations.


Summer Work Travel (SWT) participants can have a second job if certain guidelines and procedures are followed. Participants on the Intern, Trainee, Teach and Camp programs are not permitted to have a second job and should focus on training and learning on program. 

AAG must approve participants second jobs before work at the second job starts.  Once the details of the second job have been submitted for our approval, we will review the position to ensure that it complies with program regulations and that the employer is acceptable. We ask that participants respect their primary host company (listed on the DS-2019) and ensure their second job schedules do not interfere with their first. If the second job negatively impacts performance and attendance at the primary job, participants will be asked to resign from the second job.

Remember: approval is needed before work can begin!

Second Job Submission

1. Check your visa to see how many times you can enter the U.S. This can be found in the “entries” category on your visa: 

• Single Entry: If your visa is a single-entry visa, you will not be permitted to re-enter the U.S. once you leave. Therefore, you cannot travel internationally while participating in your visa program.

• Multiple Entries: If you have a multiple entries visa (2 or M), please follow the instructions below. 

2. Check your visa expiration date. Please note that your Visa expiration date may be different from your DS-2019 end date. You must have a valid visa at the time of your re-entry to the US. Contact the US Embassy in your home country to inquire about renewing the visa stamp in your passport.

3. Check to see if you need a visit to enter the country you wish to visit. It is possible you may need a visa to travel to the country you are visiting. It is your responsibility to contact the Embassy and confirm the visa requirements for a citizen of your nationality to travel to that country.

4. Provide host company approval for the time away from your program. AAG will need an email from your host company confirming permission to be gone during the dates of your trip and that you have a position to come back to upon your return:

• Please ask your supervisor to email OR include this approval in a letter that you send to us with your other documents (listed below). AAG suggests you bring a signed letter on company letterhead containing this information with you while you travel.

• Please keep in mind that in most circumstances AAG policy allows a maximum of two weeks to be away from your work or training program.

5.  Ensure Travel Validation is signed. Once we receive confirmation from your host company that you have permission to be off work or training for your trip, we will process your travel validation and send you an electronic updated DS-2019 form with a signed travel validation. Important! You will need to print a copy of this updated form to present when you re-enter the United States.

Travel validation is valid for travel within one year or the end date on your DS-2019 form, whichever is sooner.

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