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Are you an experienced teacher eager for a fresh teaching experience? Dive into our Teacher Exchange Program, where your expertise meets the curiosity of young American minds. Beyond imparting traditional education, this unique opportunity allows you to share your country’s rich culture and heritage, introducing American students to the broad tapestry of international perspectives. Imagine a classroom where teaching isn’t just about textbooks, but also about weaving stories of tolerance, inclusion, and global awareness.

Alliance Abroad connects passionate international educators like you with accredited U.S. schools. We take care of the details so you can wholeheartedly immerse yourself in the enriching experience of teaching.

So, what’s a day in your life here look like? Apart from your core teaching responsibilities, you’ll curate special cultural activities, fostering a dialogue between your U.S. students and peers from your home country. It’s about harnessing the power of education to cultivate understanding and shape a globally aware generation.

Ready to make a lasting impact and broaden horizons? Let’s journey together, shaping future global citizens, one lesson at a time.

What the program includes


Teach placement secured before arriving in the U.S. with a fully vetted, and accredited U.S. Host School, so you know exactly where you are going to live and put a budget in place.

Resume & Interview Preparation

We help you with your resume and interview preparation, so you make a great first impression and land the right job.

Program Preparation & Regulations

We work with you in advance to prepare you for your adventure in the U.S. and provide an orientation about what to expect. We also provide guidance on visa requirements.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance coverage for the first 90 days of program and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage for the duration of the J-1 program.


24/7 emergency support from our participant support teams and from a dedicated Outreach Coordinator. Access to AAG’s Participant Portal with program guidance and helpful tools.

Fees &

To participate in this program you must:

  • Be working as a teacher outside of the U.S. with at least two years of full-time teaching experience OR
  • If not currently teaching, within 12 months of applying for the program, must have or will have received an advanced degree (beyond a U.S. bachelor’s) in education or in the subject matter you intend to teach
  • Be fluent in the English language
  • Meet the qualification for teaching at the primary or secondary levels in schools in your home country
  • Be of good reputation and character

Step 1

Submit Your Application

Our team will reach out to you, and together we will review your eligibility, answer your questions, and see what type of teaching position you are interested in.

Step 2

Choose Your Position

Explore teaching opportunities that suit your interests and experience. Participate in an interview with your host school(s) of choice.

Step 3

Complete Your Application

If you’re hired by the school, congrats! Next you will need to complete the full application and submit the program fees due.

Step 4

Schedule Your Visa Appointment

Take your Alliance Abroad-issued DS-2019 form to the U.S. Embassy at your scheduled time for your J1 visa appointment. We provide guidance on all documents needed as well as ensuring you are prepared for your interview.

Step 5

Start Planning Your Arrival in the U.S.

Once your visa is approved, it’s time to book your flight and start planning your time in the U.S. Our pre-departure orientation will tell you everything you need to know so you’re prepared for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience! Understanding housing options and reading through initial requirements will help ensure a successful start to your program.


It depends on the school, but most schools require teachers to be certified. Prior to arrival you must initiate the certification process for the U.S. state in which you will teach, and after arrival you must continue with the certification process until you have achieved full certification. We will help to make sure you understand what is required!

Salary is based on level of education, experience, and placement location. J-1 teachers are paid on the same salary scale as U.S. teachers in the same district.  Once you have your salary and destination, we encourage you to use one of the following budget calculators to ensure you have a plan for your finances.  Arriving in the US with enough funds to cover housing and living expenses is very important to a good start to the program.  Here are two popular calculators to help set a budget:



Yes, if you meet the other requirements, your two years of teaching experience can be completed in any country provided it is outside of the United States.

Yes, provided your salary and the cost-of-living show that you can support your family financially.  We have a J-2 application you will need to complete with required family documentation (birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, etc.) that will be required.  Please contact us for more information regarding the process and separate fees. You may apply for the J2 visa at any point during your own application process, but it is important to note that you must receive your first US paycheck, have living arrangements secured, and paid your program fee in full (or made your first program fee payment on the Deferred Payment Program) before your family’s application will be processed, meaning they may arrive several months after you.

Teachers begin applying to the program in December; the application process may last through March. There are two required interviews, one with Alliance Abroad and one with the school or school district.  These occur between March and June. Most teachers arrive mid-July to Early-August to ensure time to settle in before the start of the school year.  

Housing is typically not included.  Due to the length and nature of your program, teachers typically want to select the living situation that works best for them.  Alliance Abroad and the host district will ensure there are affordable options in your area.

Ready to take a leap?

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