The Australian Fashion Police at Work and Play

Some days you just aren’t feeling it.  The suit and tie, the heels and skirt, the uniform that regardless of gender we all have to shrug on in order to go to work.  Why not be different and stand out a bit, we think to ourselves.  Out comes the orange tie with tacos on it, the bright pink skirt with dots, the diamond-studded nose stud.  Now we are ready to go to work and make things happen.

Business attire is conservative.

But not in Australia.  In the corporate world it’s dark suits with white shirts for men and for women it’s the same, only in pantsuits or skirts.  That lime green blazer might get you noticed, but it’s not going to get you promoted.  Australia dress code is somewhat conservative, at least in terms of colors and parts of the body to keep covered.  Don’t risk a plunging neckline or show up in too-revealing-tight-fitting slacks.  Don’t do it.  Let your personality shine, and keep your clothes toned down.

Uniforms and business casual attire follow the same rules.

About a quarter of jobs in Australia require a uniform (provided by the employer) and they will frown if you try and dress up your uniform with a quirky hairstyle or big hoop earrings.  Jewelry and make-up should be kept to a minimum – barely noticeable.  About another quarter of jobs in Australia prefer “smart casual” or “business casual” which is a tricky line to walk but if you keep it to slacks, skirts, collared shirts with a blazer, and sensible dress shoes, you should be fine (remember the color rule, no color is the best color).

Dress for warm weather.

A big word of warning: Australia is a hot country, not just lit but also directly under the sun, so it is warm most of the year.  You’ll need to dress for heat, pick fabrics like cotton and stay away from wool.  Most employers will help you understand the dress code before you start, and take what they tell you seriously.  Australians will think you are unable to perform your job duties if you can’t even follow basic dress code.  We’re all for rebels, but pick your battles.  You will not only lose the dress code battle, you will lose respect – save the personal fashion style for Instagram and keep the hallways at work fashion free.

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Author: Theo Kitchen